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Marine Life Experience

Swim surrounded by thousands of fish

Visit the uninhabited
Alimia Island

Let us guide you in the uninhabited Island of Alimia

Get to Meet Dolphins

There exists 90% probability to encounter Dolphins during our brief voyage to and from Strongyli and Makri islets.

Thrilling Scuba Diving

Explore the wonders of Greek waters and be mesmerized by its magnificent marine life.

"Blu Nature"

Visit Our Farm

Explore the wonders of Strongyli islet, where the fish farm is located within a protected area, for an exclusive treat that will leave you in awe.

Operating at the highest of standards, the  fish farm is a vital contributor to the preservation and flourishing of the rich aquatic environment around the Strongyli island.

This area is home to a diverse and thriving ecosystem that showcases the beauty and wonder of marine life.

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