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Blutopia’s Diving Center has been leading the way in marine ecotourism and diving for the past 15 years. We’re a family-run business and we specialize in showing people the stunning and remote natural environment around us.

Our diving center is situated on the southernmost tip of Greece, on the island of Rhodes, which has a beautiful coastline of around 220 km (137 mi). Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the fourth largest island in Greece, making it an ideal location to explore the wonders of the sea.


The island is located a short distance northwest of the Rhodes Abyssal Plain, which is a constituent feature of the Hellenic Arc – a trench of arc shape that originates in the Ionian Sea, stretches southwards of the Peloponnese and Crete and culminates in the southeast of Rhodes.

The significant depths surrounding the island of Rhodes, along with the presence of diverse marine life, the interplay of underwater and surface currents, and the availability of clear and nutrient-rich water, contribute to the emergence of large sea creatures frequently observed at Blutopia Marine Park. These conditions make it an exemplary destination for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts in Rhodes.

Our Fleet

Blunatura is an 11-meter speedboat that is primarily used for scuba diving excursions, although it is also available for marine biology snorkeling trips. It is specifically designed to accommodate scuba divers and their equipment, and its speed and safety features make it capable of reaching even the most remote locations.

Blutopia, on the other hand, is a fully functional tourist boat that is primarily used for our marine biology snorkeling trips, but can also accommodate divers. The boat has a full capacity of up to 40 people, and is equipped with top-of-the-line health and safety features.

Visit A Fish Farm

Explore the wonders of Strongyli and the LAMAR fish farm, located within a protected area, for an exclusive treat that will leave you in awe.

Operating at the highest of standards, the LAMAR fish farm is a vital contributor to the preservation and flourishing of the rich aquatic environment around the Strongyli island. This area is home to a diverse and thriving ecosystem that showcases the beauty and wonder of marine life.



Savvas Chatzinikolaou is a Marine Biologist with an extensive experience of developing Aquaculture projects around Greece. His love with marine conservation and education has led him to become a pioneer in the field of Aquaculture and the Environment and create this synergy of Aquaculture and Tourism. Many years of diving experience as an instructor along with his passion to disseminate and convey knowledge has led to the creation of this wonderful experience 


Lazaros Chatzinikolaou is a diving SSI instructor and a commercial boat captain. Lazaros is also the head of health and safety at the Marine Biology Trips, where he ensures everybody is safe and the protocols are being followed.  Responsible for the scuba diving guides as well as planning and search for new sites. He is also part of the marine biology crew where sometimes he is also assisting on the activities. Lazaros has been diving since the age of 11 in the water of Rhodes and he is one of the best to follow when it comes to remote locations for scuba diving. His love for the ocean and the passions to transfer that knowledge is listing him as one of our very valuable staff members.  


Dr. Tasos Baltadakis holds a PhD in sustainable aquaculture and brings his expertise to our team as the lead of the marine biology trips. His extensive knowledge of the intricate interactions between aquaculture and the environment, coupled with his enthusiasm for education and knowledge exchange, are integral components of the Marine Biology Trips experience.


Christos Chatzinikolaou, our second diving instructor at Blutopia Diving Centre and the skipper of Blunatura Boat. He is not only an excellent communicator, but also a passionate photographer and videographer. Christos has been diving in the waters of Rhodes since the tender age of 11 and has developed into an exceptional dive guide. In addition to his diving expertise, Christos also assists with our marine biology trips, where he finds great joy in interacting with our customers. You can trust him to share his knowledge and love for the ocean, and capture your unforgettable moments on camera.


Raise awareness for the importance of safeguarding the integrity of the environment by showing in real-life the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea


Our vision is to embrace the role of a sustainability lighthouse in the region


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