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Dive Center

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Dive Center

Blutopia Diving Center is situated on the unspoiled southwestern coast of Rhodes, the only center in this secluded region. As a designated Natura 2000 protected area, the Western side of Rhodes is known for its wild natural beauty, free from any urban development.

Due to the lack of human interference and the presence of two Mediterranean fin-fish farms, the area has become a thriving biodiversity hotspot. Fishing fleets are not allowed to fish in this area by government law, ensuring the protection of the natural ecosystem and its diverse marine life.

At Blutopia Diving Center, we take advantage of this unique environment to offer our customers an unparalleled diving and snorkeling experience. With safety and respect for marine animals and their habitat, we offer an unforgettable opportunity to encounter large tuna fish, dolphins, manta rays, sea breams, sea basses, yellow tails, groupers, and many other species of fish, as well as octopus, sea stars, sea urchins, oysters, clams, and more. Come explore this wonder of nature with us in the open sea!

Scuba Diving Courses

Beginner Courses

Are you a beginner? This course in perfect for you! Our program offers a quick and easy introduction to the essential skills and safety guidelines you need to start exploring one of our stunning dive sites.

Marine Park Dives

Discover the best dives our marine park has to offer.
Explore the fascinating wooden sailing boat, Alisim. Witness the beauty of the Blusky wreck, and if you're lucky, swim alongside playful dolphins.

Advanced Courses

Dive deeper and improve your skills at Blutopia Dive Center.
Choose from a variety of advanced and specialty courses, including Boat Diving, Deep Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, and Wreck Diving.

Dive Sites

Alisim Wreck

  • Possibility for Tunas and Dolphins
  • Depth: 18 – 25m
  • Visibility: 20 – 40m 
  • Level: Advanced Open Water Divers
  • Usually with currents
  • Encounters: Turtles, Groupers, Lionfish

Blue Sky Wreck

  • Possibility for Tunas and Dolphins 
  • Depth: 10 – 25m
  • Visibility: 10 – 40m
  • Level: Open Water Divers
  • Sandy bottom
  • Encounters: Amberjacks

Chalki Wreck

  • Depth: 9 – 12m
  • Visibility: 20 – 30m
  • Level: Open Water Divers, Snorkelers
  • Sandy bottom

Pytheas Wreck

  • Huge Shipwreck Pytheus 
  • Depth: 0 – 10m
  • Visibility: 2 – 20 m
  • Level: Open Water Divers, Snorkelers